Scripting Qtile

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To go with the new release of Qtile, I thought I would put together a demonstration of how Qtile automation works.

You could use the qsh shell or the prompt widget to execute arbitrary qtile commands; but the test suite, and any useful scripts that you might create, use of the libqtile.command.Client() object.

The demonstration uses IPython notebook. Before you can run the notebook you need to have installed IPython and Qtile.

To run the notebook:

  • create a ~/notebook/qtile folder in your home folder.
  • download the notebook to that folder
  • from the shell at ~/notebook/ run ipython notebook
    • or ipython2 notebook if your default python is v3

At this point you should have a browser open at and should be able to navigate to the notebook.

If you do not have qtile installed yet, the HTML version of the notebook is available courtesy of nbconvert.

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